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Staging a living room, as with any other room in the house, is done to evoke emotions in order for you to enjoy your home and make buyers fall in love with the house.


If the rooms in your house are anything other than a light, neutral color, you should seriously consider painting. Light neutrals such as ivory or light grey can make the space look cleaner and brighter. And, it is a popular look.


I will create for you a conversation area. In most cases, this will consist of a sofa,  a coffee table, and a chair or two. If there is a natural focal point such as a mantle, I will be arranging the seating around it.

Maximize the Windows

I’ll make your Windows played up. Any window treatments should be simple and streamlined and call attention to the amount of light coming through. Even if there’s no view, it is better to show off the window than hide it behind something.

Make Fixes

I won’t let you leave items broken that can be easily fixed. I’ll advise you on the best changes which can be made. A loose doorknob, a wonky curtain rod, a squeaky floorboard—these are all things that are very easy to fix yet look very shabby to potential buyers.



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