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Visual Merchandising

What i do

I’ll be taking under consideration, besides all the fashion trends, all the social/financial changes of the market. Depending on the size of the shop, the area and the target group, the right visual will have to be created and the right organization of the products inside the shop.


If you don’t have multiple SKUs, I will merchandise by color; it’s easier on the eyes and allows the shopper to head to the color they like and will start browsing in no time at all.

Mix things up

I will give you many options and ideas in order for you to refresh your displays from sell-through and going into the weekend. Customers will notice that the large displays have changed, and even if you’ve simply moved merchandise around, the change of scenery can give the impression that you have a ton of new inventory.

Windows Draw Traffic

The customer starts ‘shopping’ from outside the retailer’s storefront, so make a strong, welcoming first impression. With me you’ll certainly have compelling window displays to draw the customer in.


Have a Sense

I will advise you on how to use sensory merchandising techniques to engage customers and keep them in-store longer. The sense of a good atmoshpere can play a very important role in your store.



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Visual Merchandising

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